Pots of Petrovska Garden

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I first saw this pot ( one of a pair ) in 2000 in Clonmel Garden Centre but had no place for them however the new design in front of the garden room in early 2013 was the perfect match !

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DSC_0024 (Large)

Even broken pots are kept !

DSC_0025 (Large)

DSC_0026 (Large)

DSC_0027 (Large)

The worst buy in a pot as the material is plastic fake antique lead but when broken has a charm of it’s own

DSC_0028 (Large)

DSC_0029 (Large)

DSC_0030 (Large)

My favourite group of pots in the garden which I had originally placed individually throughout the garden but when placed together have terrific impact

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DSC_0033 (Large)

DSC_0035 (Large)

The old tin bath came from a Kilkenny car boot sale .. God knows how many irish kids were washed in it !

DSC_0036 (Large)

OK it’s plastic but I need to move the banana tree indoors for the winter

DSC_0038 (Large)

This tin bath I ought in Wexford where it was hanging up in a sadlery shop

DSC_0039 (Large)

We almost lost this in the big freeze of 2010 but wired it back together again !

DSC_0040 (Large)

DSC_0043 (Large)

DSC_0044 (Large)

There is a black pot here somewhere !

DSC_0032 (Large)

This small pot of alpines came from Avannos in Cappadocia, Central Turkey

DSC_0045 (Large)

I love this little pot both for it’s design and it’s sunny position at the entrance to the Lower Garden where it gives pleasure in all seasons

DSC_0046 (Large)

One of a group of three that I originally placed together but decided they looked better individually

DSC_0047 (Large)

DSC_0049 (Large)

Snezana fell in love with this pot and we found a place for it in 2015 … still not convinced myself though !

DSC_0050 (Large)

My favourite green colour and I love this group near the seating area in the Lower Field

DSC_0051 (Large)

A conversation piece of a pot ( one of two we have in the garden )

DSC_0052 (Large)

Got this pot in an end of season sale where it had an unloved look but I liked it’s run down appearance

DSC_0053 (Large)

One of three statement greek amphora type pots bought in July 2015 , no planting as this would take away from the look

DSC_0055 (Large)

A favourite pot placed in woodland across the stream in John Lawliss’s land with his permission but gives me a lift everytime I see it !

DSC_0056 (Large)

DSC_0058 (Large)

One of a pair of mustard coloured pots

DSC_0065 (Large)

Another greek amphora style pots tucked into a corner of the woodland area

DSC_0059 (Large)

My first primary colour pot and we have used this colour throughout the garden

DSC_0060 (Large)

DSC_0061 (Large)

One of a pair ,  this one hit by an excavator but still above ground in the wood !

DSC_0064 (Large)

The second of a pair of one off pots .. I love the teardrop effect of the ivy !

DSC_0066 (Large)

We have five of these egg shaped blue pots and they are great for shade positions in the wood

DSC_0067 (Large)

The other half of the broken red pot

DSC_0070 (Large)

By the swamp pool in the lower wood area

DSC_0068 (Large)

Another egg shape pot in deep shade where acuba japonica thrives

DSC_0073 (Large)

This pot adds to the tranquility of the water area in the lower wood

DSC_0072 (Large)

DSC_0075 (Large)

The blue brings colour to what is a north facing shade woodland area

DSC_0078 (Large)

This pot is sited so that it is backlit when you leave the wood into the sunlight

DSC_0080 (Large)

One of a pair of pots used to bookend the seat …. must change the hebes as they are looking sad !

DSC_0082 (Large)

Another egg shaped blue pot

DSC_0084 (Large)

Black does something for a shady place and as the pot faces south it is backlit most of the day

DSC_0086 (Large)

Quirky pair of pots , a bit bedraggled but eccentric in the woodland area on a bridge

DSC_0087 (Large)

I like the way the frost damage has improved this pot !

DSC_0089 (Large)

DSC_0093 (Large)

DSC_0094 (Large)

DSC_0095 (Large)

DSC_0100 (Large)

DSC_0103 (Large)

Milk Churn belonged to my neighbour, John Lawliss’s Mother

DSC_0097 (Large)

DSC_0101 (Large)

A lot of blue pots !

DSC_0099 (Large)

I use euphorbia palustris a lot in pots where regular watering is a problem

DSC_0105 (Large)

Toby like all the pots !

DSC_0110 (Large)

Favourite combination , blue pot , euphorbia palustris

DSC_0111 (Large)

Same pot different view

DSC_0114 (Large)

one of a pair , was used in milking machine parlours in the 1950’s

DSC_0115 (Large)

DSC_0116 (Large)

One of a pair guarding the bridge

DSC_0117 (Large)

It’s companion pot at the bridge

DSC_0118 (Large)

DSC_0119 (Large)

DSC_0121 (Large)

DSC_0123 (Large)

The pot was added as an afterthought this summer but it works and now ten years later in 2019 the rock and the pot are in different locations , such is the evolution of a garden  !

DSC_0124 (Large)

A group of three

DSC_0125 (Large)

Filled with lamium chablis , a great pot filler

DSC_0126 (Large)

This is tucked away in shrubbery and surprises you

DSC_0128 (Large)

A pretty ordinary pot but looks unusual at ground level and I used black stones for contrast

DSC_0129 (Large)

Used as shampoo storage for the outdoor shower

DSC_0130 (Large)

One of Sanna’s first pots back in 2002 , a one off left on a shelf destined for her !

DSC_0131 (Large)

The green of the euphorbia palustris mixs well with the cotinus Garce

DSC_0132 (Large)

It’s main function is to cover up a power junction !

DSC_0133 (Large)

This small pot with it.s box ball neatly rounds off a sunny perrenial border

DSC_0134 (Large)

Another view , same pot

DSC_0135 (Large)

A lovely one off pot with an olive tree

DSC_0136 (Large)

A pot , one of a pair  in the front garden patented on a 17th century design from a Kyoto garden

DSC_8372 (Large)

Another of Snezana’s eccentric finds

DSC_8606 (Large)

The pot is an old Kiltrea Pottery one and the mint was brought bakk from Morocco

DSC_8617 (Large)

Another blue pot … bought  October 18th 2015

DSC_8619 (Large)

DSC_2573 (Large)

Another of Snezana’s pots March 2015

DSC_8662 (Large)

A Kiltrea pot

DSC_8663 (Large)

Because of the tender plant this pot spends the winder under a bamboo bush !

DSC_8664 (Large)

A little bonsai pot is home to sempervivum

DSC_8665 (Large)

Grasses need little looking after in pots … but in shade

DSC_8667 (Large)

From Potijelije in Bosnia .. a village ethnically cleansed during the war 1992

DSC_8670 (Large)

A shell from the Bosnian War 1992 – 1995

DSC_8674 (Large)

Filled with lamium chablis

Our young cat , Tutti Frutti likes this pot !
A new group in the Gravel Garden September 2017
My favourite pot in the garden coupled with Hosta June , May 2019
Such a nice pot I have repeated it several times throughout the garden , May 2019
The latest of the blue Greek style , bought January 2021 for the new water area
My favourite group in snow March 2018
Lower Garden July 2016
There is a pot under these hostas ! May 2018

This hosta elegans had broken it’s previous pot in December 2013

December 2013

And in March 2021 broke this pot and is now on it’s third pot

The hosta lasted eight years until March 2021 and is now repotted
In the Gravel Garden 2016
April 2916 , Gravel Garden
January 2016 Gravel Garden
July 2915 Back Garden
Pond Front Garden
A quiet corner , Gravel Garden
May 2019 Front Garden
My neighbour , Sebastian ,helps move a pot
Peter Cullen helps with this one
Austin Rowan visits , Hosta June , May 2019
Garden Pond
When these pots arrived in April 2915 I grouped them together but then split them up

Keith , Clonmel Garden Centre , delivers the latest in June 2015
Can’t have enough Greek style pots , July 2015
We love blue pots , October 2015 , Gravel Garden
Back garden
Another greek amphora style pot in the Water Garden planted with hosta halcyon , June 2019
Small bonsai pots but the wood underneath is from an 1860 Amish barn from Pennsylvania
Baclk garden and I love the combination of railway sleeper and bergenias
I leave this for hosta halcyon which the deer generally eat in May originally part of a pair we bought in 2002
Gravel Garden
I love the shape of this small pot which is in the Tree House
Wood land area
A one off pot discovered by Snezana in a garden sale
Anorger of the greek amphora type planted with hosta june
As can be seen I love these big blue greek pots and this is another view !
Two more greek amphora , different sizes , in the Water Garden October 2019
The latest choice by Snezana in August 2019
And how she looks with hair , festuca grass , October 2019
This pot sits out on the balcony
This pot newly planted with a small Japanese maple sits in the front garden , October 2019
A new position for the red pot in the front garden and which used to house a small olive tree , October 2019
One of a pair in the woodland garden planted with one of the best ground cover plants , lamium chablis also called dead nettle , November 2019
Cracked in the frost of the famously cold winter of 2009 but the box ball has thrived , November 2019
More of a Japanese lantern than a pot
Chris from Clonmel Garden Centre delivers my favourite greek amphora style pots April 2017

These two pots add drama to the steps outside the kitchen window

Back Garden 16th March 2021

Pots get moved around the garden , March 15th 2021

Back Garden 15th March 2021

Robert from Clonmel Garden Centre delivers three new pots in Match 2021

March 15th 2021 , new pots arrive !

These three pots arrived 1st July 2021 and went into the new water area in the Lower Wood .

The Lower Wood 1st July 2021

January 2022 Front Garden

This pot is in the Rock Garden , bought March 2023 and is the little brother of the next pot

We fell in love with this pot in October 2022

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