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My Gardening Week April 21st 2019 … A Happy Easter & take a Walk on the Wild side !

April in the garden is the last month when you can safely dig up and move trees and shrubs to a new location while it is also the best month to plant new container grown trees and with this in mind I called time on several small specimen oak trees that I put in three years ago and which never really took off , barely stayed alive really so enough is enough , time to be ruthless and out they came . My default trees normally boil down to two choices , silver birch jacquemontii and mountain ash variety Lutescens Moonlight however the lutescens was not available at Clonmel Garden […]

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My Gardening Week March 31st 2019 … the Noes have it , the Noes have it !

Like me you have probably have had it up to here with Brexit for the past three years as the UK Parliament that up to now historically has been looked up to as the Mother of all Parliaments but which now has shown itself to be stuffed with pompous old farts loving the sound of their own voices unable to make a decision all the while been led by the nose by ten Northern Ireland DUP MP’S who are against anything that might tie them to the South even though the majority of people in NI both protestant and catholic voted to remain in the EU . I am always […]

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