Monthly Archives: November 2014

Gardening Week November 23rd …… working in the Garden of Eden !

People when they hear that I have worked and lived for two years in the Seychelles Islands are always asking what it was like  from a gardening perspective to live somewhere so exotic …. well it was a tropical paradise , a real Garden of Eden experience where the main view was just greenery everywhere on an all year round basis and something I wouldn’t have missed for the world . My house was set high up in the middle of a rain forest built on a rocky clearance looking out over the Indian Ocean  and in the garden there were no seasons and the plants flowered every six weeks […]

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My Gardening Week November 2nd 2014 ….. wild flower meadows and chaos !

The garden in early November In my last article I dealt with over zealous pruning which has got me thinking on pruning in general , why you prune and is it necessary to prune at all because in the wild where there is no one to prune so how does nature cope ?  Of course in the natural forests pruning happens well … naturally .. in that trees , shrubs are kept in check by predators who eat and who depend on trees and shrubs for food , animals as diverse as elephants , giraffes , deer , bears , rabbits etc. all eat huge quantities of branches and leaves […]

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