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My Gardening Week December 31st 2017 … Sretna Nova Godina and a Happy New Year to all !

December is not really a month for the garden considering  how many other diversions there are in the run up to Christmas and truth be told not a lot to look at in the garden these dog days of winter either although the gardening writers who have to fill a column would tell you otherwise … well they would say that wouldn’t they with a deadline to meet  ! I am not a great believer in standing around freezing my ass off admiring this or that plant that happens to flower at this time of year and I don’t have many such plants growing either as I believe flowering shrubs […]

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My Gardening Week November 30th 2017 …. The Petrovska Garden Chain Saw Massacre and what does that have to do with India ?!

With all the talk about destruction in the garden in late October when Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland I have an unusual story of survival to report here … a few years ago inspired by Monty Don’s showing of a banana plant in his garden in a Gardeners World programme I bought and planted a banana plant in a pot in the gravel garden , fussed over it from Spring to November , made sure it got the best of watering and feeding and dutifully took it indoors in November , cut it back and covered it in fleece to over winter as Monty instructed … it popped its clogs by […]

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