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My Gardening Week July 30th 2018 … the Kalahari Desert has moved to Ireland !

I don’t know which is worse for the garden , Hurricane Ophelia last October that blew away trees , the Beast from the East that dropped a ton of snow in two days in February or the recent Kalahari style June and July drought  where trees and shrubs are wilting away under the effects of seven weeks on temperatures in excess of 30 deg and no rain . This heat will kill a lot of plants in Irish and UK gardens and even when the rain returns gardens will not recover and August to November will be disastrous for anyone with an open garden as trees and shrubs will shed […]

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My Gardening Week June 30th 2018 … I stepped in deer shit !

Those were the heart felt words of my gardening worker here earlier in June as she did some pruning in the back garden , yeah I know those deer are pretty bold if they hang around the back garden in the day light but anyway it struck me that twenty four or so odd years ago in Macedonia when we first worked together that if I had promised this city girl that if she stuck with me , some day she would be walking in deer shit I think she would have lit out  east and be still running somewhere around Vladivostock today … sometimes you gotta lie !! When […]

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