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My Gardening Week April 25th 2014 ……. Hasta La Vista Hosta !

Visitors to the Garden this week The May burst of growth is almost upon us when suddenly everything in the garden takes off whoosh and I really believe that this is the most magical time of the year in the garden when the dark gloominess of winter is finally gone and you see the fresh new growth everywhere . Just now the clumps of giant gunnera , as they unfurl their leaves  and start to grow to their eventual height of over two metres , are one of  the most dramatic sights in the garden and have burst through the protective covering of last year’s leaves ( which I fold […]

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My Gardening Week April 20th 2014 ……. I love the smell of brambles burning in the morning !

Visitors to the Garden this week …… April 20th 2014     The magnolia trees are bursting into bloom all over Clonmel gardens …. all except here in our garden as I mistakenly planted the variety stellata   which is really just a large shrub and the magnolia to plant  (and to die for ) is soulangia with its big tulip style flowers . Every year I plan to move the three magnolia stellata I have here to a back of the border position as after its ritual three week flowering period it is a waste of time shrub which looks dowdy and adds nothing to the garden after its brief […]

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My Gardening Week April 5th 2014 ….. Make my Day !

Spring is definitely in the air this week although the ground is still too wet from all the rain we have had to unleash the mower … more time to admire the lovely colours of the weeping willow and the wall flowers in the front garden . The latest addition to the garden was this quirky one off modern terracotta vase which Snezana fell in love with in the bargain bin corner of Glenconnor Garden Centre earlier in the week  . Peeping through shrubs or in a quiet corner the simplest of stone or terracotta pot can brighten up a corner of the garden and bring a smile to the […]

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