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My Gardening Week June 22nd 2014 ….. bloodied but unbowed !

My neighbours on the laneway , Michelle and Sebastian , admired the combination of both green pots and planting of hostas and lamium featured in my last blog so off we went to Glenconnor Garden Centre where I knew they still had some of the fabulous egg shaped green pots left and we bought the last three which I planted up with hosta sieboldiana  Francis Williams but as the lamiums had sold out as soon as they came into flower a few weeks ago I used white flowering allysum  as the underlayer of plants and left an order with Susan , Head Gardener in Glenconnor for some lamium if they […]

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My Gardening Week June 8th 2014 …… an Adriatic theme

Visitors to the Garden this week ! I am often asked by garden visitors about colour combinations in shrubs and flowers and the more technical even mention colour wheels which are the bible for the serious gardeners who think it is heresy to even think of slipping in a different colour amongst all those planting blocks of blues , whites , pinks etc. in case it clashes . My attitude to colour in the garden has always been a bit like that of Joan Collins who at 80 last year married a guy thirty years her junior … but Joan what about the age difference asked the media….. her answer […]

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