About the Gardens

How the garden got it’s name 

Snezana and I could never agree on a name for the garden over the years  as it took shape  . At various times I suggested  Willow Farm ..Olive Farm … Oakwood House … all equally pretentious .. moi pretentious ? She never suggested a name of her own just kept vetoing my suggestions so we decided not to have a name . However after Mildred Stokes asked me to consider opening the garden to the public as part of the Tipperary Garden Trail in January 2011 I was contacted by Garden,ie who asked to list the garden in their guide . Filling out the details for Garden .ie on the internet I entered the names of the owners as Michael O’Riordan and Snezana Petrovska – O’Riordan but left the garden name section blank  and heard no more until back comes the listing as .. you’ve guessed it .. Petrovska Garden !

I could have edited the entry but decided that the computer knew something I didn’t  know  and had to acknowledge that she always supported the money going into the garden , tolerated listening to me prattling on about gardening all these years , japonica this japonica that  without complaint …. so Petrovska Garden it is ….. she has earned it !

Sometimes though when on my own in the quietest part of the lower wood I have been known to sob quietly …. like Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront … I coudda been a contender … it shoudda been  me !!

Description of Garden

An interesting woodland garden set out over seven acres with mountain streams comprising a series of contrasting areas connected by gravel and wooden walkways.

Suitable and accessible to all ages but children need to be supervised.

Location: From the Coleville Road take the right hand turn just past the Minella Hotel then next left down the Old Spa Road. The Garden is approx. half a mile on the left, red brick house with dormer windows, mature trees behind a low natural stone wall.

Open: Festival Weekend Sat/Sun 11am – 6pm. Other times by appointment.

Admission: €5. Proceeds to Clonmel Lions Club.

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