Monthly Archives: December 2016

My Gardening Week December 31st 2016 … Happy New Year … Sretna Nova Godina .. and a safe 2017 !

New Year’s Eve 2016 colour in the water garden The last of the 2016 garden projects took place in late November and saw the digger back in the garden with the sides of the bridge across to the Lower Garden taken down ( again !) to allow it across the stream  where finally we got to grips with the area around the new patio as it had been too wet earlier in the year . Peter levelled the area and flattened all  the bumps and hollows and finally reseeded  it with grass so that from next year the patio will be surrounded by lawns as up until now I was […]

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My Gardening Week November 30th 2016 … Don’t cry like a woman for what you couldn’t hold as a man !

Earlier in November I was able to mark off a bucket list garden that I have wanted to visit all my gardening life , the Alhambra in Granada , the most famous garden in the world which showcases the best of Islamic garden design  especially in it’s use of water . A lot of places that you have heard and read about extensively before visiting for the first time can be a bit of an anti climax in real life but not the Alhambra as it was just a mind boggling experience and one which even if not a gardener would still thrill . You can see immediately that the […]

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