Michael O’Riordan


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The Grass borders , August 2015

I am Michael O’Riordan also known as Eamonn when I was working with the Revenue Commissioners . I am a retired customs officer who spent 20 years based at Rosslare Harbour and 15 years abroad working with the EU , UN , OSCE , as a customs consultant in Macedonia , Bosnia, Serbia , Montenegro , Croatia and the Seychelles Islands . I have been a gardener for almost 40 years now and my new title   ( I always love a title ) is Head Gardener , Petrovska Garden .

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iaain m barclay says: December 24, 2016 at 5:57 pm

Merry Christmas to Snezana and to you Eamonn, I had lost your card but remembered enough to trace you on the net. Your garden looks wonderful and the story so interesting. I wanted to say how much meeting and dining with you both made my holiday, especially since Marion did not come and I was on my own.
I thought the whole trip, the hotel and most of the visits were so well done.
Your lovely garden is making me think of a trip down the west coast of Ireland, and down memory lane, maybe with friends in the spring Best wishes to you both , regards IAIN


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