A Walk in the Garden January 16th 2014

All these photos were taken in a thirty minute spell on a sunny day in mid January and my purpose was to highlight winter colour at a time of year when the sun is low in the sky but with the right light and particularly if water is included in the composition you can forget the biting wind and the freezing temperature !!

DSC_6586 (Large)

Is Toby looking for truffles ?!!


DSC_6590 (Large)

Freshly cut conifer logs from one of our fallen trees January 2014


DSC_6602 (Large)

Willow bark January 2104


DSC_6608 (Large)

Eucalyptus bark adds colour in winter


DSC_6611 (Large)


DSC_6622 (Large)


DSC_6623 (Large)


DSC_6642 (Large)


DSC_6646 (Large)

Bird House … a present from Vera !


DSC_6658 (Large)


DSC_6666 (Large)

Mid day January sunlight


DSC_6668 (Large)


DSC_6673 (Large)


DSC_6676 (Large)


DSC_6677 (Large)


DSC_6683 (Large)

Tussock grass in the swamp area


DSC_6684 (Large)


DSC_6690 (Large)


DSC_6702 (Large)


DSC_6712 (Large)


DSC_6715 (Large)


DSC_6720 (Large)

Early morning January sun in the conifer wood


DSC_6729 (Large)

Some oul lad left his bike here fifty years ago !


DSC_6731 (Large)


DSC_6737 (Large)


DSC_6739 (Large)

Variegated phormium against upright railway sleeprs

DSC_6595 (Large)

Newly cut logs from conifer wood

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