Snezana Petrovska

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The other half of Petrovska Garden and my own better half is Snezana Petrovska also known as Sanna … the name of the garden will be explained later but suffice to say at this stage I had no objection to it being known as the Michael O’Riordan Garden !

Snezana is a working customs officer but who for the past 20 years has been seconded to the EU , UN , OSCE , as a customs consultant working throughout the Balkans and Ukraine and was until May 2014 working with EULEX  in Kosovo , she is currently working with OSCE in Eastern Ukraine  . Sanna loves gardening but refuses to learn anything formal about plants , trees or shrubs but has an airy fairy mystical love of communing with nature . She currently is Head Designer Petrovska Garden , self appointed I might add and her one regret is that I won’t allow her to buy a chain saw as she loves to cut trees , branches etc.

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