Monthly Archives: September 2018

My Gardening Week September 30th 2018 … Bogomils and Fungi !

This September we have been paying for the drought conditions we had during the summer and the weather has been generally cold and wet but growth has been good and as I was away for the first part of the month it has been catch up time with the grass . I use a ride on mower which mulches the grass and doesen’t collect which is great if you are cutting regularly but with any type of longish grass such as I faced when I came back it needs to be cut at a high setting and gradually lowered over the next two cuts , takes patience and as Pat […]

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My Gardening Week August 31st 2018 … Charity Open Day in the Garden

The Garden Open day for the Lion’s Club kept up the tradition of the rain staying away and a great turn out of support for two very deserving local charities with over 180 people paying in on August 12th and raising over a thousand euros . As always a nice blend of visitors who asked interesting questions about the garden , kept us on our toes all day  , many who contributed names to plants and weeds which I could not identify  , mayhem at times with children and dogs running wild but always well behaved ! Again as always the Clonmel Lion’s Club led on the day by Michael […]

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