Monthly Archives: June 2016

My Gardening Week June 30th … Winter is coming !

June has to be the nicest month in the garden especially in our climate with everything at it’s best , every shrub and tree in full leaf , fresh with it’s best coat on bursting with growth and although I hate to admit it , it is downhill from now to November and although it still looks good it starts looking tired and never as vibrant as it is now and of course at mid summer there is light until 11 pm … magical ! In June trees and shrubs reach their peak growing condition which is why it is also the favourite month for visits to gardens , after […]

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My Gardening Week June 17th 2016 ….. Breaking rocks in the hot sun !

I spent a few weeks in May this year  tweaking a design for an extension to a garden on the Adriatic Coast in Croatia which I had set out last September  2015 for the builders . The garden is owned by a friend and I built it from scratch twelve years ago and have planted and monitored it on a twice yearly basis since . All the plants , trees and shrubs are Mediterranean so are selected to cope with the extremely hot dry summers , it started out as a small garden which I planted with a mimosa tree for height and the plants are jammed in to both […]

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