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My Gardening Week October 20th 2014….Terminator ….I be back !

October light can provide great photo opportunities in the garden Toby….  Mon Amour ! October is a good month to plant new trees and shrubs or to divide perennial plants as there will still be warmth in the ground to get the roots off to a good start before winter and the cold weather sets in although I now hesitate to plant shrubs at this time that keep their leaf throughout the year as some garden centres do not harden off the plants properly , keeping them under glass and these can perish when planted out at this time … better to let the garden centre take the loss and […]

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My Gardening Week September 30th 2014 …. keep calm and plough on !

Visitors to the Garden this week , Diarm O’Riordan and Pearl Lye Yee Suen . Sometimes in gardening as in life , when you are least expecting it you may stumble onto something magical and so it was today during a visit to Glenconnor Garden Centre when I first clapped eyes on a miniature cornus or dogwood called cornus Canadensis . This cornus is a dwarf  ground cover plant  , six / seven inches high plant that spreads by underground roots and wait for it ……. LOVES shade , LOVES wet areas and is so hardy it is a native of Canada ( hence the name Canadensis ) that it […]

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