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My Gardening Week March 24th 2014 ….. Antiquities in the Garden

Antiquities in the garden is the title this week  …… no NOT me but a beautiful quern stone …. a few months ago I was in Pauline Hegarty’s garden at Kilmacomma just outside Clonmel , a lovely garden which featured in Irish Gardener last year and well worth a detour if in the area as they say in the Michelin Guide . Pauline had just come back from a visit to her childhood home in Clare with a pair of ancient stone grinders and as I admired them so extravagantly she promised to put the word out to see if another such piece came on the market , one such […]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day !

I wasn’t planning to write a gardening blog today but as it is March 17th  and every radio station in the world is blaring out a St. Patrick’s Day message this morning  so in honour of my irishness here is a short St. Patrick’s Day themed piece ! When living abroad and asked where am I from or when most people pick up on my accent and ask what part of Ireland are you from , the second statement is always “ it is so green ” and I always answer yes it is very green but the price for all that greenness is that it rains every day …. […]

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My Gardening Week March 9th 2014….. Jeyes Fluid and Zen Buddhism !

As I mentioned in my last article yellow fever is full on now with daffodils everywhere , 27,000 varieties bred so far and by bred I mean artificially created by specialist growers over the last hundred years , mainly for commercial reasons as the public’s taste changes for different colours and larger flower heads . Different colours really means either variations on yellow or white but for my own taste I don’t take much heed of specialist varieties as in my view yellow is yellow  and I just buy in bulk sacks at the garden centres but I do try to keep the colours separate so one area will have […]

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My Gardening Week .. First of March 2014 … The Hills are alive with the sound of chain saws !

Trees are down everywhere after the recent storms in the Clonmel area and hardly a laneway has been unaffected and apart from the cleaning up operations some people  are panicking and chopping down  perfectly sound trees which are close to their houses as they have been given a sharp reminder as to power of nature and the damage a fallen tree can do to your  house . That said it was sad to see a group of mature silver birch cut to the ground on our lane which were in no danger of falling and had many years of beauty ahead of them which was a real case of throwing […]

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