Monthly Archives: February 2014

My Gardening Week …. Venice in the Garden Mid February 2014 !

The garden is like a scene from Venice at the moment as large parts of the wood are under water from all the excess water coming off the mountain due to the almost month long rains we have had in Ireland . Water always looks nice in garden photos and in the meantime it won’t do any lasting damage to plants . The hellebores are at their best right now and have many more weeks of blooming left in them . There are still no daffodils in flower just now but they are ready to come on the scene in another week but there is still colour in the garden […]

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My Gardening Week ….. St. Brigid’s Day !

At last I am back digging in the garden after a brief spell under the duvet during the recent awful wind and rain and I was kicked into action by the kind of gift every gardener loves ….. several boxes of plants dug up and divided by another gardener . My gardening friend brought along some of my favourite plants which  have become congested  in her own garden , dermera and giant primulas  which will go into some wet areas and a beautiful geranium which I had admired in Altamount Garden in Wexford during a visit there last summer . There is also a huge clump of geranium which I […]

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